Les révélés

In a previous series, Les sombres, the artist cut up templates (a term she prefers to stencil) following the sinuous lines determined by the position of a rope dropped on the ground... The series entitled Révélé [Revealed] remains faithful to the principle of shapes fixed using a template but no longer uses ropes... The extreme reduction in formal vocabulary and the combination game can be said to associate this type of painting with an alphabet. Each painting is a singular statement of associations, permutations and collection of shapes that makes it a distinctive part of a complete corpus composed of two or three templates used repeatedly. Similarly to a Kabbalistic text, it is tempting to see in this exceptional technique a style being defined…. Karim Ghaddab

Révélé 6
192 x 151 cm
Révélé 9
185 x 167 cm
Révélé 7
175 x 160 cm