Les dames de nage

Monique Frydman set down all kinds of ropes in a completely random manner on her studio floor, placed a damp canvas on them and plotted their shape with the help of charcoal or pastel pads. She does not care about the kind of lines that appear; she experiments with all the subtleties that emerge from the process, renews the work, keeping the element of chance and reproducing each step. The hand is freed of all anxiety to create meaning and, despite ruses of chance and various subterfuges; the artist experiences her lines speaking a very private and secret language.
That's the story of the dames de nage [The Rowlocks].

Les dames de nage I, 2
218 x 203 cm
Coll. FRAC Ile de France
Les dames de nage II, 3
300 x 200 cm
Coll. Fond national d'art contemporain
Les dames de nage II, 4
300 x 200 cm
Coll. Musée des Beaux Arts de Caen