Red Room

Tarlatane teintée à la main
Dimensions variables

Les bandes de tarlatane superposées recouvrent l'entière surface des murs de la salle , enveloppant les visiteurs dans un flot intense de couleur.L'artiste a teint la tarlatane dans une varieté de tons subtils de rouge. Trois superpositions des bandes créent un effet moiré, stimulant les sens et la mémoire des visiteurs.

«The Red Room is exposed to the outside in two places, the glass ceiling and the entrance next to the glass walls surrounding the courtyard, and changes in the condition of outside light produce dramatic changes in the impression made by the red cloth. In the soft light of mid-day, the red space is gentle, intimate, and somehow nostalgic. When daylight begins to fade and the artificial lighting in the room takes over, the room takes on a stronger, more transcendent atmosphere. The room seems to breathe as if it were a living organism that changes its expression and mood from moment to moment."

Emiko Yoshioka commissaire de l'exposition (in catalogue).

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