Papier japonais
Peinture murale
Dimensions variables

Une installation composée de 800 feuilles de papier Japon. Le papier très fin frémit et se soulève au passage des visiteurs, découvrant les nuances de mauve peints sur les murs de cette pièce circulaire qui prête au silence et à la méditation.

"Visitors have a momentary visual experience of the mauve walls, catching glimpses of them as
the pieces of paper dance about for a few seconds at a time. At the same time, they use their ears to catch non-visual information occurring in the space such as faint sounds and slight air currents. This work gently guides the way we experience it, making us see with our ears, taking in the unexpected movements of the paper lining the walls in a 360-degree circle, colors that appear and disappear, sounds caused by the movement of visitors, and other presences that are felt but not seen. Murmure is not the only work that causes us to experience it in this way."

Emiko Yoshioka commissaire de l'exposition (in catalogue).

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