La danseuse de cordes

Monique Frydman conceived an open curtain made up of unique porcelain cylinders. As a modular architectural installation, this pièce is adaptable in it’s very essence: it can vary in its number of cylinders, it’s dimensions and it’s rhythmic and chromatic composition depending on the space in which it is situated. The only other example of a screen wall produced by Manufacture is that created by Bizette-Lindet for the 1937 Universal Exhibition.

At one-square-metre, “la danseuse de cordes” prototype was exhibited in the Cateau Cambrésis Matisse Museum as part of the 2006 “Monique Frydman la Couleur Tissée” [Monique Frydman Woven Colour] show. This piece is currently on display in the stairway leading to the Manufacture de Sèvres' director's office.

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